The Effectiveness of the Training Programs on Employees performance: An empirical study at private sector companies in Saudi Arabia


Human resource is the lynchpin of any organization; either non-profit or profit oriented. Without people, an organization cannot exist. Attention on the people and the meeting of their needs is important to achieve corporate objectives.In this rapidly changing world, the management and achievement of employee’s performance is gradually become more challenging and multi-tasking in an organization. There are continuous efforts and strategies lying down by many organizations to accomplish their objectives and also achievements of excellence by gaining competitive advantage. On the other hand employees are required to be creative, competent, innovative, flexible, and trained enough to handle the information effectively. Performance of employees is affected by different factors at work place. Job performance assesses whether a person performs a job well. Employee performance indicates the effectiveness of employee’s specific actions that contribute to attain organizational goals.This study aim to investigate the effectiveness of the training programs on employee’s performance at Saudi Arabia’s private sector. The study is an analytical study in order to find out the effectiveness of the training programs on employee performance. The researcher designed and distributed 250 questionnaire forms where he retrieved 230 forms and excluded 30 forms due to the lack of information which means overall sample is 200. The result indicated that all the variables are positively correlated to each other also the total average value for domain reality of training was 3.47 which fall in the range of Likert scale between (3.41- 4.20), which also reflect the respondents agree with private sector companies provide effective training programs matching up with their expectations however there are some respondents disagreed about the comprehensiveness of training material and trainer motivate their trainees.The total average value for domain role of training programs for improving the employee’s performance

Keywords: Employees’ Performance, Training, programs

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