Brainstorming For Better Decisions in Cooperatives


Cooperatives, in order to vie with private business rivals need to offer innovative products and services to its members at competitive terms.  This calls for brainstorming, a meticulous approach prior to decision making at the General Assembly, involving a selective few from the general body, board of management, functional managers, and employees.This approach leads to an array of numerous assimilation of worthy innovative ideas to be presented at the General Body, so that one best alternative could be approved by the General Assembly.  The methodology employed for this review is qualitative.  The application of brainstorming in the decision making of cooperatives has been holistically made explicable by reviewing a wide array of pertinent archival records in the form of leading published books.  Analysis is based on specific textual theoretical perspectives, as it outweighs the risk of irrelevant remarks.

Keywords: Brainstorming, Cooperatives, Decision Making

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