Trade Dispute, Strike and Settlement: Fuel Subsidy Removal, the January 2012 Experience


Nigerian economy has witnessed occasional hike in the pump price of fuel in the last three decades. This occasional increase has generated reaction from civil society especially trade unions and pressure groups in the form of outright rejection and criticism of government’s policy of increase in fuel pump price. Such posture has also led to occasional trade dispute and strike action aimed at forcing government to reduce pump price of fuels with its attendant consequences on the economy of Nigeria. Thus this paper examines the case of increase in fuel-pump-price related trade disputes with special focus on the January 2012 fuel subsidy removal experience. It therefore assesses the performance of these associations (trade unions and pressure groups); reviews the issue of deregulation; and considers the possibilities of breaches being redressed or avoided entirely

Keywords: Deregulation, Fuel Subsidy, Pump Price, Strike, Subsidy Removal, Trade Dispute

Article Review Status: Published

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