The Effects of Working Conditions on Academic Staff Motivation at Africa University, Mutare, Zimbabwe


A cross-sectional study of the effects of working conditions on academic staff motivation at Africa University, Mutare, Zimbabwe was undertaken. Through stratified random sampling, a sample of 35 academic staff who represent the three categories lecturer, senior lecturer and professor was selected from a total of 74. A structured questionnaire was distributed to the participants and the study revealed that the working conditions were unfavorable. Motivation was downplayed by factors such as uncompetitive salaries, non-collegiality decision-making, opportunity in career development and academic freedom. This study recommends that Africa University should work towards minimizing hygiene factors and improving motivators if the institution wants to attract and retain experienced and competent academic staff.

Keywords: Academic Staff, University, Working Condition, Zimbabwe

Article Review Status: Published

Pages: 76-86 (Download PDF)

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