Investigation of CSF for growth of Hi-tech marketing


The retail base has now witnessed a transformation with the rapid growth of electronic goods in the present epoch. E-business all over the world has become a popular medium for the buyer – seller transaction as a means that complements and supplements the experiences of a physical store. Although the application of technology-based online retail services has grown rapidly in recent years, an understanding to attract, retain, and satisfy customers in such contexts remains limited. A marketer often encounters the difficulty of making a framework that could be applied for constructing, managing, and evaluating its service. Based on a literature review, followed by an empirical study, this report outlines the results of a survey conducted to identify the CSF’s (critical success factors) for the popularity of hi-tech (electronic) shop zone. (e.g. Reliance-digital, More-Digi etc.) The literature review helped us to conceptualize the variation in this subject area. An integrated framework of critical success factors would enable a better understanding of customers’ needs and assist marketers while constructing, managing, and evaluating their marketing strategies. A well-structured questionnaire was used to catch the relevant information needed for analysis and identification of CSF. The data obtained was analyzed using SPSS software to try out various hypotheses. In this field, there are two determinants like Product appearance & Product price that are significant to affect the functioning of hi-tech shopping zone.



Keywords: Correlation & Regression, Customer factors, Hi-tech zone, Organizational Performance, Organizational factors

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