Production Improvement Function and Corporate Growth in the Nigerian Manufacturing Industry


This paper investigates the extent to which Production Improvement Function, had affected the Corporate Growth of the Nigerian manufacturing industry. Three hypotheses were formulated and questionnaire were distributed to eighty respondents in the eighty sampled manufacturing firms from the one hundred in the industry, quoted in the Stock Exchange(Fact Book 2009). Sixty two copies of the questionnaire were retrieved. These with the financial statements of the firms were used for the analysis. From its findings, the study revealed that production planning and control have significant impacts on growth of Nigerian manufacturing industry; while production scheduling has an insignificant and weak influence on growth alone. This finding implies that production improvement function significantly affects the growth of firms and therefore provides evidence for the claims of Olusegun and Adegbuyi(2010); Olarenwaju(2010); Poterba(2006); and Ikan(2003). Based on these, the study recommends among others, that the Nigerian manufacturing industry should efficiently and effectively operationalize the all embracing production improvement function, especially in the area of production scheduling, in order to restore the industry as the base of all development

Keywords: Corporate Growth, Production Improvement Function

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