Analysis of Difficulty in Translation of Regional Classical Chinese Poetry (A Case Study on Chongqing’s Overseas Transmission)


With the deepening of the cultural exchange in the world, the unified orientation of Chinese literature is struggling in the cross-cultural communication, however, Chinese regional traditional culture has yet attracted more and more attention in foreign academic circles. As one of the local historical and cultural communication media, the translation of regional ancient Chinese poetry has become an urgent problem to be solved, which has a great significance in increasing the influence of classical Chinese literature in global contexts, making new breakthroughs in regional research and promoting differentiation of academic studies on overseas dissemination of Chinese literary heritage. Taking Chongqing classical poetry as a case, this paper focused on the using of noun, the organizing of meaning and the expressing of allusions to interpret some difficulties in the English translation of regional ancient Chinese poems, so that provides references and lessons for the overseas communication in global contexts of regional classical Chinese literature.

Keywords: Classical Chinese Poetry; Regional Culture; Chinese-English Translation; Global Context; Chongqing

Article Review Status: Published

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