The Influence of Violence, Crime and Strong Word-Related Nollywood Movies on Their Young Audience


Nigeria’s movie industry has grown exponential over the last couple of decades to become the world’s second largest in the industry. In recent years, Nollywood has increasingly churned violence, crime and strong word-related movies. In March 2018 Nigeria Films and Video Censors Board (NFVCB) Nigeria’s films and video regulatory agency, warned the public that 21 out of 66 movies it approved in that month contained violence, crime and strong words. Earlier in February, the figure was 13 of the approved 46 movies. This study examines the implications of this trend on Nollywood’s young audiences. We had a study group of 31 young people. First we sampled their perception of violence, crime and use of strong words. Later we exposed them to six Nollywood movies laden with those elements after which we re-administered same questionnaire on them. Results show that exposure to those movies negatively changed their perception of violence, crime and use of strong words.

Keywords: Nigerian Culture, Nollywood Movies, Young Audience

Article Review Status: Published

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