Ethnographic Study of Wooden Objects Conservation: Focus On National Museums in Lagos and Oron, Nigeria


Conservation of cultural wooden objects in the national museum in basically to preserve the social, cultural and religious attributes embedded in the collection. The traditional wood-carvers produced various objects for utilitarian purposes in the community. These objects have in the past played one functional role or the other to the society that produced them before they got into the museum for preservation. Collection of wooden objects in the national museums started with a view to protect cultural objects from theft, vandals and weathering agents as well as present them as testimony of ancient civilisation. This study, examined indigenous types of wood commonly used by wood-carvers or sculptor, and methods of preserving them for a long period of time. Data were collected from wood-carvers, sculptors, museum workers, and relevant literature was consulted. Result shows that Nigerian wood carvers understand strong and durable wood types that are good enough to carve different objects. The wood types, strength, and indigenous methods of preservation of wooden objects have contributed greatly to their survival under scientific methods of conservation in the national museums in Nigeria.

Keywords: Conservation of wooden objects, Cultural Heritage, Lagos and Oron national museums

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