Conservation of Traditional Earth Building in Nigeria: Case Study of Origbo in Ife North, Osun State


Increasing awareness of the past, present and continuous use of the earth as a building material draws attention towards main concept of conservation of the traditional architectural heritage at the rural communities of Origbo in Ife North Local Government of Osun State. The aim was to find out the main problem regarding earth building deterioration with emphasis on the distinguishing character of natural deterioration process of earthen architecture. The study revealed further that moisture attack is the major medium through which earth building deteriorate, also lack of maintenance, bad construction techniques, leaking roof, inappropriate roof eaves over-hang and lack of drainage for rain water are the medium of deterioration. This paper presented conservation model approach to earth buildings that are compatible with characteristics of earthen building materials. The paper then concludes with fundamental strategies that could help to conserve traditional earth building and to improve the durability of earth dwellings.

Keywords: Conservation, Deterioration, Durability and Maintenance., Earth Buildings

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