Material Compatibility in Conservation of Traditional Earth Building in Nigeria (Case of Origbo Communities in Osun State in South-West Of Nigeria).


This paper analysed intervention strategies for the conservation of traditional earthen architecture which are selected in response to ageing earth building walls, being exposed to agents of degradation, some superficial deterioration were observed pointing to necessity of applying a compatible conservation to specific deterioration defects of earth building. There are various methodological approaches to conservation, it is therefore essential to understand material compatibility for implementing proper intervention. The study examined the major origin of defects on earth building due to wrong material composition used in conservation especially the damaging effects of cements on earth building. The paper presented conservation structure as related to appropriate material composition and compatibility. Also, properties of earth were examined that enables compatibility in conservation, this include permeability, plasticity, density, thermal conductivity, capillary absorption and drying shrinkage. The paper then concludes with essential factors of material compatibility to effective earth building conservation

Keywords: Conservation, Deterioration, Earth Building, Material Compatibility.

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