A Historical Review of the Egun Tribe in Badagry: 1960 – 2015


There are untold accounts written by scholars on the history of Badagry town. Due to its historical importance to the subject of the Trans-Atlantic slave trade in Nigeria and its rich tourism potential, Badagry town has aroused the interest of not only scholars but visitors everywhere who come for reasons such as leisure, learning or the unique purpose of self-identity (genealogy). Conversely, not much is known or has been written about the people who reside in Badagry town: The Egun ethnic group. The history of this tribe is wrapped up in obscurity that people assumed they do not exist. Therefore, this research work gives an explanatory note on the history of the Egun ethnic group in Badagry. It covers the post-colonial era period in Nigeria, from independence in 1960 to 2015. Data were obtained using a qualitative method(observations and interviews).

Citation: Ayanlowo Eniola Judah and  Ayanlowo Gideon Ola  (2022) A Historical Review of the Egun Tribe in Badagry: 1960 – 2015, International Journal of African Society, Cultures and Traditions, Vol.10, No.2, pp.18-24

Keywords: colonialism; culture and tradition; ethnic segregation

Article Review Status: Published

Pages: 18-24 (Download PDF)

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