The Influence of Job Stressor and Sprituality to Work Stress and Performance of Nurses in Pirngadi General Hospital Medan – Indonesia


The purpose of this research was to examined the influence of job stressors perceived by nurses, nurse’s level of spirituality to work stress and performance of nurses who work in  Pirngadi General Hospital  of Medan and construct a theoretical model that can describe the influence of endogenous variables to exogenous variables. This research was conducted in January 2014 until July 2015, which starts from a preliminary survey to the making of research reports. The number of samples in this study as many as 150 people. Methods of data collection using questionnaires. Data were analyzed by descriptive and inferential, hypothesis testing is done with path analysis, to test the suitability of the model used goodness of fit test. Structural Equation Modeling Analysis of the model is done by using AMOS 21.0. Results showed that: job stressors and  spirituality have  significant effect on work  stress and performance of nurses, as seen from  the suitability of Goodness of Fit (GoF ) on  Structural Equation Modeling.

Keywords: Job Stressors, Nurse, Performance, Spirituality, Work Stress

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