Knowledge and Practices of Trans-Cultural Client Care amongst Practicing Nurses of Buea, Cameroon


Trans-cultural client care nursing has been described as the art of providing care to individuals, families, groups and community with a consideration given to the cultural background of the client in order to ensure compliance and improve health. It is a recommended and patronized strategy, due to its insistence on culture competence in care giving, as well as its potential to instigate culture desire in health care personnel. The objective was to investigate professional qualification, academic level, longevity of service, type of in-service training and the way the influence trans-cultural care nursing. It was also aimed at investigating knowledge of the importance, chronological steps, orientation in trans-cultural care, most appropriate person to provide information- trans-cultural communication and culture care preservation. Stratified samples of nurses/midwives working in Health Care Institutions in Fako Division, were administered multiple choice questionnaires, for a period of three weeks. One hundred and sixty five (165) participants filled the questionnaires and SPSS 16.0 was used to analyze the data collected and simple percentages were used to present the results. The results have demonstrated that: Nursing education, qualification and training influence trans-cultural client care among nurses/midwives in Health Care Institutions in Fako Division. It is thus recommend that Health Care Institutions should regularly organize seminars and workshops on the effective use and application of clients’ culture during care.

Keywords: Importance, Influencing Factors, Knowledge, Trans-Cultural Care Nursing

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