Effects of Listening to Quran on Maternal & Neonatal Outcomes among Mothers Undergoes Cesarean Section


Aim of the work: was to  investigate the effects of  listening to Quran  on different aspects of  maternal & neonatal outcomes among mothers undergoes cesarean sections (CS). Patients & Methods: the study was implemented  on  118 patients (60 in Quran group QG & 58 in Non-Quran group NQG). Experimental design was used, a registered randomized controlled study (NCT02589834), conducted at Women Health Hospital, Egypt. We included Muslim women at single term gestation scheduled for elective CS.  The eligible participants were randomly allocated to either study group, who listen to Quran recitation, started after induction of spinal anesthesia to mothers undergoes (CS) & continued immediately after the surgery until first 12 hours post CS, by a CD-player through an occlusive headphone,  or control group who not listen to  Quran recitation.  The visual analog scale (VAS) scale  was used to measure the pain & satisfaction after . Moreover; the anxiety level was assessed  through visual analog scale for anxiety (VASA).  Results:  No significant differences between the groups for all vital parameters recorded before & after CS (p>0.05), except for systolic & diastolic blood pressure immediately postoperative (p=0.002). No significant difference regarding the need for additional analgesics or antiemetics  postoperatively. All visual analog scales  values for pain & anxiety were significantly lower in Quran group. While the mean patient satisfaction scores immediately, 6 hours, 12 hours postoperatively were significantly higher in QG than NQG (p=0.0001). Conclusion & recommendations: Listening to Quran recitation decrease the degree of pain & anxiety after CS as well as enhance the   level of mother satisfaction. So., we recommend it  as a non pharmacological pain & anxiety management  technique, as well as improving other parameters including  neonatal outcomes. It can become an important issue of  the complementary & alternative analgesic therapy for Muslim women undergoing CS.

Keywords: Cesarean Section; Quran Recitation; Quran Listening; Pain; Anxiety; Satisfaction; Apgar Score; Neonatal Intensive Care.

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