The Development of Patient Safety System – Part 1 (A Focus Group Study)


Patient safety is an effort conducted to prevent and overcome unexpected problems occurring in the hospital. Patient safety is the responsibility of nurses and doctors as health workers who give direct services to the patients. The objective of patient safety in this research is International Patient Safety Goals (IPSG). The purpose of this research is to develop the system of patient safety in the hospital. The study applied a qualitative design based on focus group  discussion   with nurses and doctors working in hospitalconsisting of 5 nurse-chives, 15 nurses and 5 doctors who worked in the patient room. The research location took place in one of the public hospitals which would run their services. This research showed that the identification, planning, implementation, monitoring, and support of the safety system development were based on input, process, and output. Identification and planning were the parts of input. Support was a part of the process for the implementation, and monitoring. Meanwhile, output was the repair of the system. The conclusions of this system development were identification, planning, implementation, monitoring, and support. Nurses and doctors were expected to be committed to apply the development of patient safety system to the patients in the hospital.

Keywords: Development System, Health Workers, International Patient Safety Goals, Patient Safety

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