Women can do it: The Role of Akko Women vision association (AWVA) on bringing the two nations (Arabs and Jews) together


The term ‘Mixed City’ in the Israeli context usually refers to a city with Jewish and Arab residents, yet there is a distinction between them due to different social and economic class (Fenster and Jacoby, 2006, p. 45). Akko is one of the mixed cities in Israel, where Jews and Arabs live in separate neighborhoods, with only one mixed neighborhood, however in most of the high-rise buildings live Jewish and Arab families.In the year 2008, on the eve of ‘Yom Kippur’ there were riots and violent incidents in Akko between Arabs and Jews, which greatly affect the residents of the two sectors.The aim of this study is to examine the contribution of AKKO WOMEN VISION ASSOCIAION (Jewish and Arab) on the relationship between the two nations in daily life and in the future. A derivative of the study is then the following questions: Do associations & Arab -Jewish women groups can influence peoples’ political views and opinions through its activity, in a manner that will construct a desire to share daily and future life?In order to study the subject, the research includes a use of quantitative paradigm. The data were collected via special questionnaire built by the researcher. The sample included participation of women of Akko Women Vision Association’.The study findings have led to interesting data, especially to the notion that associations with mixed societies contribute to the formation of positive political attitude and affect the willing to live together and the share life aspects without conflicts. In addition, it was found that neither religious origin nor education affect positive attitudes toward the other nation.

Keywords: Akko Women Vision Association (AWVA), Arabs, Jews

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