The Library Environment, Seat and Noise Making: The Case of Jiangsu University Library


A good environment plays a fundamental role in the learning process of an individual. As Jiangsu University celebrates the 20th anniversary of consolidation and the 119th anniversary of its establishment, this study investigates the influence of the library in the student’s life, especially the influence of seats and the effect noise has on students in the library environment. This survey uses a quantitative method by adapting a survey questionnaire in a face-to-face approach for data collection. Most participants (45%) indicated they preferred a particular seat, and 57% always searched for a specific seat. More people preferred to study around small clusters of tables. The majority of respondents (41%) are pretty comfortable with the library’s noise level. However, few indicated they feel a little discomfort, especially during the exams period as library attendance increases. The study also found that the designated places around the staircase are not really comfortable as they prefer seating sometimes. Furthermore, the reading areas are underutilized.  This study recommends that a particular floor be dedicated to loud reading and others for quiet reading only. This research also contributes to the discourse by providing evidence for the usefulness of the seats provided.

Keywords: library environment, library seat, noise, reading space


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