The Role of Libraries in Promoting Entrepreneurship Education in Nigerian Universities


With rapid development in technology and entrepreneurship, every university is expected among other things to train persons to become specialists imbued with the spirit of creativity and ability for practical work, become good citizens and promote the culture of national unity and progress. Students and staff in this respect, need to have information on the trends of their progression. Information is vital to the overall academic development of university students. It is central to the development of a nation or a people. Therefore, this paper accesses the Role of Libraries in Promoting Entrepreneurship Education in Nigerian Universities. It also concludes that, information has always played a central role in human life and it is central and paramount for effective and fast development of a nation. Indeed, modern economics are driven by entrepreneurship. Without entrepreneurship ability to organize a country natural endowment, such as a country can hardly achieve her effective potential output/productivity. The paper recommends among other things. This paper recommended among other things that university library management and their universities should give priority attention to entrepreneurship education. Adequate resources and services should be provided to promote teaching, learning and research. Integration of this course into the school curriculum is necessary.

Citation: Ogar, Christopher Eje  and Affiong Bassey Moses (2021) The Role of Libraries in Promoting Entrepreneurship Education in Nigerian Universities, International Journal of Library and Information Science Studies, Vol.8, No.1, pp.1-8

Keywords: Entrepreneurship education, Libraries, Nigerian Universities, Promotion


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