Relevance of Grey Literature and Usage among Research Scientists in New Bussa Environment


Grey literature is an important information resource in the scientific, technical and public policies and practices. Researchers apply some level of trust to the information they access and use based on the quality associated with it, including the time and access to the information or our ability to understand the content can also influence what they choose. It is a known fact that researchers placed their trust more on information published in journals that uses peer-review process, but in some places, some professionals may not have access to peer-review journals or the time to search through scientific texts; in such circumstance, they are more likely to turn to other relevant sources that they also trust such as reports, conference proceedings, newsletters, government white papers, survey reports, doctoral theses and dissertations and host of other grey literature documents. In this study, a survey was carried out to elicit information from 100 research scientists in the study area. 80 questionnaires out of 100 were completed and returned. The variables were on the relevance, usage/user’s satisfaction, frequency of usage and resource   availability, electronic circulation of grey literature to scientists for the purpose of awareness creation and timely delivery of information to end users. Result of the study revealed that scientists are aware of the relevance of grey literature to research; carrying useful information on any topic, easy to consult with useful information content on regular basis Electronic circulation of information in grey literature to scientists was however recommended for current information service/delivery.

Citation: Sado, Veronica Amiosino  (2021) Relevance of Grey Literature and Usage among Research Scientists in New Bussa Environment, International Journal of Library and Information Science Studies,Vol.7, No.4, pp.61-67


Keywords: Grey literature, research scientists, usage of grey literature

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