Lagos State University Implementation of Mobile Based Services and Technologies: A Case study of Fatiu Ademola Akesode Library


Due to the rapid advancement in technology in the last two decades because of the advent of internet, the world no longer works the same. The advent of wireless networks and more recently mobile devices such as smart phones, tablets etc. following the internet, contributed a lot to make mobile technology come into existence. The technology has gone on miles since then and there has been no looking back. Mobile phones are becoming an integral part of everyday life and are changing the way one connects and interacts with the world. In this changing scenario, Mobile Technology will be of great help to libraries towards strengthening their relationship and providing enhanced user oriented services to existing users. Libraries may well reach out to the remote users who were considered unlikely to connect because of absence of a medium. M-learning is emerging technology in the whole world now-a-days. Librarians are aware the availability of mobile services and take a step to move forward. The paper discusses on the demand, advantages, barriers and solutions for good implementation of the mobile technology in libraries. It also determines the types of infrastructure required by the libraries for providing these services successfully in the libraries.

Keywords: Academic Libraries, Mobile services, Mobile technology, Smart Phones, e-resources

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