Digital Preservation of Information Resources on COVID-19 in Libraries: A Theoretical Perspective


The aim of this study was to examine how information resources on COVID-19 can be effectively preserved digitally. The study adopted the exploratory research design. Data was obtained through in-depth review of relevant literature on the subject matter. The findings were analyzed descriptively. Digital Preservation of information resources on COVID-19 requires skilled manpower and adequate knowledge of what digital preservation is all about, the processes and procedures; there are immense benefits in digital preservation of information resource; on COVID-19 requires adequate funding to procure hard and softwares; most organizations do not have the political will to embark on digital preservation of their information resources; There is proliferation of information on covid-19 in both print and electronic media. Digital preservation of information resources on COVID-19 will ensure effective access to information on COVID-19 by both present and future generations. The paper recommended among others that: Institutions and organizations embarking on digital preservation of information resources generally and covid-19 in particular, must ensure that their staff are well trained to acquire the requisite skills in digital preservation; the relevant authorities responsible for digital preservation of information resources should avail themselves of the benefits derivable from digital preservation and develop the political will to accept and embark on digital preservation of their information resources, especially those on covid-19; Institutions and organizations must be willing to provide adequate funds to support the process of the digital preservation of information resources on COVID-19; libraries should monitor, harvest, digitize and channel information on COVID-19 into their digital institutional repositories for present use and the use of posterity.

Keywords: Libraries, Preservation, digital preservation, information resources; COVID-19

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