Library and Information Science Education and Learning in a World of Difference


The changes in library operations and service delivery inundated by emerging technologies, pose a need for library and information science educators to adopt a global initiative to resolve curriculum and training issues in library schools in Africa. To this end, this paper reviews Library and Information Science education in Nigeria, Library and Information Science curriculum reforms, ICT and LISE, entrepreneurial skills in LISE and major challenges facing LISE in Nigeria. The paper presented a module for a proposed curriculum, identified the entrepreneurial skills needed by LISE graduates and posited that a dearth of qualified IT professionals in Library schools, poor funding, poor policy implementation among others are the major challenges facing LISE in Nigeria. The study recommended that effective policy implementation is an essential tool to enhance LISE transformation in Nigeria. Also, the opportunities the Information technology application offers will transform library and information science education, and these will help bridge the gap between the two worlds.

Keywords: Education, Information, Learning, Library, Science, world

Article Review Status: Published

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