Availability and Utilization of School Library Resources by Students in Senior Secondary Schools in Owerri West LGA Imo State


The general purpose of the study is availability and utilization of school library resources by students in senior secondary schools in Owerri West L.G.A, Imo State.  The survey design research was used for the study.  The researcher constructed three research questions which were analyzed based on mean value differentials. The research adopted census method which was used to investigate 364 students from the senior secondary schools in Owerri West Local Government Area, Imo State. Self constructed and validated questionnaire was used to collect data for this study.  Findings showed that the format of the information resources in the school library of the secondary schools in Owerri West Local Government Area, Imo State is low and that some information resources are not relevant, even though use of the library is dependent on information relevance and information relevance satisfies use of the library. The study recommends that efforts should be made to determine if information resources contain idea that will be valuable and useful to the user before they are acquired and made available to the users.

Keywords: Availability, School library., Utilization, resources

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