Positive Perception and Academic Performance of Undergraduates on Entrepreneurial Courses in Library and Information Science Schools


The study examined the relationship between positive perception of entrepreneurial courses and academic performance of library and information science undergraduate at Abia State and Imo State Universities in South East Nigeria. Undergraduates’ positive perception of library and information science (LIS) entrepreneurial courses and academic performance is seen as a strategy for unemployment and poverty reduction amongst Nigerian youths. Specifically examined in this paper were the LIS entrepreneurial courses available and taught in two state universities in South East Nigeria and how LIS undergraduates’ positive perception relates with their academic perception. Descriptive survey design was adopted in which 300 and 400 level students of Abia State and Imo State Universities were purposely sampled using a researcher -structured questionnaire. Tables, means and percentages were used to analyze data. Findings revealed that Positive perception has strong relationship with LIS undergraduates’ academic performance thus resulting to excellent academic performance in most LIS entrepreneurial courses, this is also an indication that LIS students upon graduation could be seen as graduates of make job syndrome than take job syndrome.

Keywords: Academic performance; Entrepreneurship courses; Positive perception; Unemployment reduction

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