Demographic Factors Affecting ICT Utilisation by Undergraduate Students in Some Selected Universities in Nigeria


This study investigated the demographic factors affecting utilization of Information and Communication Technologies by undergraduate students in Nigeria. The factors examined include gender, age, religion, marital status and type of university.  The study adopted a survey design approach and the questionnaire was administered on 1000 students across various Nigerian universities. 500 students were from two federal universities while 500 were from two state universities. Data were analysed using descriptive (frequency distribution) and inferential (Chi-square, PPMC and t-test analysis) statistical tool. Findings showed that the male gender utilizes ICTs more than the female gender, students below age 20 use ICT more than those between ages 20 and 30 years, single students utilize ICT more than the married and traditional worshippers use ICT more than Muslims while the Christian use of ICT is the lowest. The groups that use ICT more consequently experience greater benefits in terms of productivity and profit.

Keywords: ICT, Nigerian Universities, Undergraduate Students, Utilisation., demographic

Article Review Status: Published

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