Anambra State Residents’ Attitude towards Radio Campaigns Messages on Compliance to Covid-19 Protocols


The study examined Anambra state residents’ attitude towards radio campaign messages on compliance to covid-19 protocols, with the objectives includes: to determine the level of awareness of Anambra state residents to radio campaigns messages of covid-19 protocols; to determine the extent radio campaigns influenced residents’ compliance to use of face masks and to ascertain the level of influence of radio campaigns on residents’ compliance to hand washing etiquette. The forms of delivering the campaigns considered were radio jingles, radio dramas, public service announcements, and sponsored health talks. The Population for the study was 5,932,516, four hundred (400) participants were surveyed across six (6) purposively selected local government areas in Anambra State. The study found that majority of the residents are highly aware and knowledgeable about COVID-19 radio campaign messages. The study also found that the radio campaign messages has highly influenced the audience to use face masks and also adhere to hand washing protocol.

Keywords: COVID-19, Compliance, attitude, radio campaigns

Article Review Status: Published

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