Exploring The Role and Challenges of Ethical Values to impart Good Governance: The Case of Dessie Town, South Wollo, Ethiopia


The objectives of the study was to assess the role and challenge of realizing ethical values in promoting good governance. For this study the data was gathered from both primary and secondary sources. The primary sources of information was gathered through questionnaire and interviews whereas secondary data gathered from different types of documentaries, published materials and internet websites resources. The gathered data were analyzed and interpreted by using tables and percentages. As the study revealed, the overall objective of good governance is to ensure good conduct with the concern for values, practices and behavior. These values are inculcated in an individual by his/her parents, teachers, religion, society and the environmental of work place. The essential duty of governance principles is to effectively and equitably implement ethical values of the society. Hence, it demands highly competent, well administration, participatory and good deal of sound policy formulation and distinct citizen orientation. The promotion of ethical values in good governance implies legality of government action; rationality in policy and decision making; evolving a sense of responsibility; creating excellence; facilitating spirit of individual and organizational goals; developing responsiveness; protecting the national interests; and bringing and elevating integrity. The study identified the role and challenge of realizing ethical values in promoting good governance in Dessie Town. It is recommended by the researcher that the officials and religious institutions must give high consideration to ethical values and principles for realization of good governance in the study area.


Keywords: Challenge, Ethics, Good Governance, Morality, Promotion

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