Uyo Residents’ Perception of Selected Newspaper Coverage of Gender-Based Violence in Nigeria


This study examined Uyo Residents’ Perception of Selected Newspaper Coverage of Gender-based violence in Nigeria. The study made use of survey method. Simple random sampling technique was used for the study and the sample size was determined using Taro Yamane’s formula. The sample size of the study was 400. From the findings, majority of the respondents (51.3%) were of the opinion that Daily Sun and Vanguard newspapers do not cover Gender-based violence issues frequently. Based on these findings, the study recommend that there is need to strategise ways that will facilitate the prominence of GBV stories in the newspapers (like putting GBV stories on the centre spread or front pages) where all genders are well covered and given prominence in order to aid readers in understanding the issues of GBV.

Keywords: Perception, Violence, agenda setting., coverage, gender-based violence

Article Review Status: Published

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