Framing China’s Anti-Corruption Campaign in Foreign Media: A Content Analysis of Online Editions of Leading Nigerian and U.S. Newspapers


China’s rapid economic growth has come with it the good and the bad. As the country’s economy blossoms, so does the desire of the elite to acquire more wealth and power. Corruption offers a route towards realizing that ambition. But the Xi Jinping administration has branded its anti corruption efforts as catching the ‘tigers and flies’, indicative of an all-inclusive anti-corruption war with ramifications for China’s political and economic partners Nigeria and the U.S. inclusive. This study examines how the online editions of some leading newspapers in Nigeria and U.S. have framed this campaign. The Washington D.C and Beijing are economic rivals, as such major events in Beijing reverberate in Washington and vise versa. Nigeria is one of China’s leading trading partners in Africa. China’s political actions have implications for Nigeria’s economic partners in Africa. Using content analysis our study shows that the studied newspapers view the campaign from opposing perspectives.

Keywords: Anti-graft, Nigerian media, U.S media

Article Review Status: Published

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