An Analysis of Speech Communication Skills Strategies of Effective Public Relations Management for Organizational Growth in Nigeria


The papers stands to advocates that effective knowledge of speech communication is necessary in discharge of public relations functions or duties, and is very vital for a public relations practitioner to be conversant with the principles of effective speech communication skills and strategies, as its job is based on establishing mutual line of communication between the organization and its publics for organizational growth and national development. The paper also poses that the key to successful employer and employees relation `is based on adequate information which can only be achieved through public relations effective two-way communication for harmonious existence and mutual understanding. Furthermore, it employs purposive sampling technique, and structured interview guide as a research instrument to elicit information from 65 final students of Public Relations and Advertising in Babcock University. The finding authenticates that effective communication is an anchor for any organizational harmony and development.  And recommended that all sphere of life require effective communication to exist, survive and to grow.

Keywords: Effective, Management, Public Relations, Strategies., communication

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