The Nigerian Media and the Institution of a Cultureless Society


Culture is one of the central forces that help to situate a person or thing within a given milieu. Indeed, culture can be seen as personality designator because it identifies a person and situates him/her on the basis of certain traits he/she exhibits. On the other hand, it is also evidence of education, taste, finesse, and of civilization. A cultured person or people belong to a category of those who stand out as unique in virtually everything. ‘Cultureless-ness’, on its part is a term employed to denote the trend whereby a person or people lack culture, making it impossible to identify or situate him/her or them by what he/she does or they do. It is a celebration of abnormality and the opposite of culture as stated above. The media, on their part, are not only culture symbolized, they are also purveyors of culture. This paper examines the role the Nigerian media have played or failed to play in creating and foisting a cultureless society on the Nigerian people. This will be done through the literary/artistic research methodology. It will draw its conclusion on the basis of data analyzed and make recommendations where necessary.

Keywords: Culture, Mass Media, Society

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