Repositioning Social Studies Education towards School Security in Nigeria Schools


Nigeria as a nation is beckoned with numerous national issues such as insecurity of life and property, robbery, kidnapping, cultism and insurgency. These problems have caused retro-aggressiveness to sustainable national development. Meaningful socio-economic and political development can only be realized in an atmosphere of peace and security where all agents of development co-exist in harmony. As a result of this existing situation, this paper try to examine how Social Studies Education can be repositioned and used as a veritable tool in solving the problem of school insecurity in Nigerian school. The purpose of this paper will assist significantly in tackling this social complex problem of national insecurity that hinders the development of human society. Several issues such as school insecurity, cultism and their corresponding recommendations such as adopting a people oriented programme in the country by our leaders and a new culture of living which make for tolerance and accommodation were made

Keywords: Security and Nigerian Schools, Social Studies Education

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