Length – Weight Relationship and Condition Factor of Liza Ramada from Eastern Coast Of Libya


Monthly samples of Liza ramada were obtained during  the  period  November 2014 to December 2015,  from fishermen working at  different  location of  the  Eastern coast of Libya. Sex ratio,length-weight relationship and condition factor (K) were studied.Number of fish sample were 234. 96 were male, 47 were female and 91 were immature.Sex ratio male to female were 2:1. The correlation coefficient “r” with  total Length and weight  during all months, male, female, and both sex, was high,  range  between 0.761 to 0.995. The values of slope “b”ranged between 2.165 to 3.3and  at most  months, male, female and both sex,  were bequal 3.The general equation of length-weight relationship  for both sex were: W = 0.004543L3.22, For males was: W = 0.003L3.297, and For females was:W= 0.005L3.17. Values of condition factor of species L. ramada are  high    in December (2014)  1.0714 and April (2015) and   lower values are on January (2015) 0.8163.

Keywords: Condition Factor, Eastern Coast, Length, Liza Ramada, Weight

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