Flooding and Its Public Health Implications on Residents of Calabar South, Cross River State, Nigeria


Flooding and its consequent implications on the inhabitants of Calabar South Local Government Area is a serious public health issue. Flood is a natural event; an overflowing of a large amount of water beyond its normal limit. Flooding is the most common serious physical urban problem which results from high river levels, limited capacity of drainage systems and blockage of water ways and channels all over the world. Flood is known to cause great damage to people’s lives, belongings and properties. The specific objectives of this study were; to determine the knowledge of respondents on the effect of flooding, perceived factors influencing flooding, and respondents’ perception on the health implications of flooding and to identify the coping strategies among victims. A multistage sampling technique was used in the selection the respondents. The instruments used for this study were questionnaire and observational checklist which was administered to 400 respondents. Results from the study indicate that the factors responsible for flood occurrence in the study area was linked to poor road design (36.5%), improper waste disposal (26.5%) and poor drainage channels (21.5%). Majority of the respondents (86.5%) indicated that flooding causes high risk of malaria due to stagnant water. Over seventy percent of respondents (70.5%) agreed that flooding causes diseases. Less than fifty percent (40.5%) of respondents are exposed to chemicals and contaminants in water. More than forty percent (40.5%) of respondents relocated as a coping strategy. From direct observations it was noted that (63.5%) of respondents surroundings had no drainage system and (57%) was unsanitary. Based on these findings, it is concluded that there is flooding and severe public health implications among residents of Calabar South Local Government Area. It is recommended that since Calabar is located in a tropical zone characterized by heavy rainfall, all road constructions should be provided with adequate drainage systems, to avoid constant flooding especially during the rainy season and resident in the area should avoid the habit of indiscriminate waste disposal.

Keywords: Calabar-South, Drainage, Flooding, Health implication

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