Quality Determinations of Harvested Rainwater in Selected Storage Tanks in Owerri , South-Eastern Nigeria


Despite  the  practice of domestic rainwater  harvesting (DRWH)for domestic purposes ,  little or no effort has been made toward   monitoring the quality of stored rainwater in  storage tanks in Owerri, Imo  tanks to ascertain their impacts on  domestic harvested rainwater quality (DHRWQ).  During the  study, samples of harvested rainwater were collected from  surface GP tank  from FECOLART and underground  concrete tank from private dwelling in Ubomiri  for physiochemical and bacteriological   compositions using standard methods . The results of the analyses were compared with water quality guidelines of World Health Organization (W.H.O) to evaluate its suitability for potable and domestic purposes. From the results, some of  physical parameters like  colour in surface tank without cover recorded 750 Pt/co, odour and taste objectionable, appearance greenish and turbidity 177 NTU all above the  World Health Organization (WHO) stipulated standards  for drinking water , with underground tank with cover lower than WHO standard. .  Results of the chemical compositions recorded that rainwater stored in both tanks  were slightly acidic with the mean of pH6.0, surface tank recorded iron with the value of 2.45mg/l-1, and manganese values in both tanks exceeded  the 0.10mg/l-1 World Health Organization (WHO) stipulated for drinking water. For bacteriological  analyses, except the underground tank the recorded zero total coliform (TC), surface and underground tanks recorded highest values of bacterial the exceeded the WHO standards stipulated for potable water. The results further explained that surface tank without cover was more polluted than underground tank with cover in terms  of physiochemical and microbiological  compositions. From the results, it is observed  that stored rainwater may not be suitable for direct drinking, without treatment, but could be used for other domestic purposes, which therefore called for rainwater treatment, maintenance and operational strategies(O&M). 


Keywords: Bacteriological Harvested Rainwater, Chemical., Physical, Storage tanks

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