Training need on Communication Skills and ICTs in Agricultural Extension; An Effective Approach to Rural Development


The increased use of information and communication technologies in extension requires continuous training of personnel of extension service delivery in any country. The advent of ICTs in agricultural extension is that which can boost the collection, processing and transmission of data, as well as quality information to more farmers  in a bottom-up and interactive channel of communication. However, ICTs may be the only way in which farmers can access a variety of information sources that are accessible, affordable, relevant and reliable. In some developing countries, application of ICTs in communication and other farmers ‘need may assume repugnant to their daily use as a result of the complexity of the innovation. This means that these individuals are disadvantaged and lack the basic skills required to harness the benefit of ICTs. In this case, assistance of intermediaries such as extension agents may thus be required and this calls for the training and retraining of such personnel so that they can give their best services to the rural farmers to enable them improve on their production capacity. In view of these, this paper used analytical approach to review the following; Concept of ICTs, training Types of Training, Process of Training Phases, determinants of the areas of training programme, selecting a training method and Constraints to training of extension personnel. This paper recommended that there is need for capacity building orientation and training of extension worker at all levels to be able to provide more customized information to meet each user’s needs.

Keywords: Communication Skills, ICTs, Trainings

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