Analysis of Leveling Container Field At Tanjung Mas Port, Semarang Based on the British Port Association Method


The increasing growth of container flows at the Semarang Container Terminal which encourages the economy in the city of Semarang and its surroundings. For this reason, it is necessary to have a stacking field other than a large one, also the stacking field is not flooded so that container loading and unloading operations can run smoothly. There are several CY fields (Container Yard/CY) in Tanjung Mas Port, namely Cy-01 to CY-03). CY-01 and CY-02 are relatively newer so that their position is higher than CY-03, so CY-03 needs to be raised in the pavement. The function of CY-03 in addition to container stacking is also a long room whose function is to check the contents of containers that are considered suspicious, so CY-03 needs to be safe against puddles due to rain or high tide. To calculate the elevation of the field, the method from the British Association Ports is used according to the need to be able to withstand the load of the Reach Stacker (RS) transportation equipment and its cargo, namely a durable container according to the plan which is for 30 years. In this study, apart from the hospital load and the container, the dynamic load resulting from the movement of the hospital and the container as well as when placing the container in the stacking yard is also taken into account, so it is hoped that the results will be as planned, safe, strong and effective.

Citation: Agus Muldyanto and, Adolf Situmorang (2022) Analysis of Leveling Container Field at Tanjung Mas Port, Semarang Based On the British Port Association Method, International Journal of Civil Engineering, Construction and Estate Management, Vol.10, No.1, pp.35-44



Keywords: British Association Ports, Container Yard, Reach Stacker


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