Coconut Fiber Usage for the Compressive Strength Brick Materials


This study was conducted to calculate the strength of brick materials that already mixed with fibers of coconut. Using coconut fiber mixture was aimed at producing a better composition of concrete. An experimental design was applied to the composition of cement, sand, water and coconut fiber with a ratio of 1 PC cement. It made the ratio was 4.5 PS sand. The strength testing or compressive strength after the materials have been dried as long as 28 days. The averaged at variation I (0%) of 1 kN / cm2, variation II (1.5%) of 0.498 kN / cm2, variation III (1.8%) of 0.441 kN / cm2 and variation IV (2.1%) of 0.379 kN / cm2 were done. It concluded the addition of coconut fiber with brick materials produced has a decreasing compressive strength value.

Keywords: Compressive Strength, Test, coconut fiber, materials of brick

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