The Impact of Group Incentives on Construction Workers’ Performance in Nigeria


This study was designed to determine the impact of group incentives on construction workers’ performance. The study was conducted with data from questionnaire retrieved from fifty one construction professionals in Ibadan and Lagos, Nigeria. Twenty four possible impacts on workers extracted from literature were presented in the questionnaire for evaluation using a Likert sale of 1-5 for determining the relative importance of these effects. In the overall rankings of the types of group incentives using Analytical Hierarchical Process (AHP), goal sharing ranked the highest as the types of group incentives used in Nigeria. The result of the Factor analysis revealed social effects, effects of motivation, effects due to autonomy, workers’ behavioural effects and job dissatisfaction effects as the principal factors. The influence of social effects to motivate workers to improve on their productivity explains its usage as a type of group incentives.

Keywords: Construction workers, Group Incentives, Incentive Schemes, Worker’s Performance

Article Review Status: Published

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