Real Estate Investment Trusts (Reits) And Mortgage Backed Securities (Mbs) As Emerging Trends For Financing Real Estate Development In The Nigerian Capital Market


Before now, real estate was regarded as a very cumbersome investment media to venture into. This was largely due to the huge financial outlay required for real property projects, which were often difficult to raise and as such, only the few privileged elite invested in real estate. However, of recent, real estate investment is now securitized (that is, sold as securities in the capital market), thus making it easier for the average investor to engage in. This paper studies the Real Estate Investment Trust (REIT) and Mortgage Backed Securities (MBS) as new channels of harnessing finance for real estate development and the effectiveness of securitization in the Nigerian real estate sector.

Keywords: Capital market, Finance, Investment, Mortgage Backed Securities, Real Estate, Real Estate Investment Trust, and Securitization.

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