Kiss-1 Gene Vaccine Immunocastration Outcomes on Growth Hormone, And Kiss-1 Mrna and Gpr54 Mrna of Ram Lambs Digestive Organs


This study was designed to examine the expression of KISS1 gene vaccine immunocastration on growth hormone (GH), insulin like growth factor1 (IGF 1), KISS1 mRNA, GPR54 mRNA and digestive organ. A total of six male Hu lambs of 8 weeks were used for this research and divided into treatment and control group, based on their initial body weight and scrotal circumference. All experimental animals were subjected to the final data collection and analysis. KISS1 gene vaccine pKS-asd was provided for treatment and naked pVAX-asd was for control. The prepared vaccine (1mg/ram lamb) in saline solution was injected into ram lambs at weeks 0, 3 and 6 of experiment. Effects of KISS1 gene vaccine immunocastration on growth hormone, IGF1, KISS1 mRNA and GPR54 mRNA of digestive organ were evaluated. Accordingly, vaccinated animals did not show significant difference compared to controlled group in growth hormone, IGF1 and body growth. However, KISS1 mRNA of pancreas and tongue, and GPR54 mRNA of pancreas in vaccinated animals were significantly lower than control group (p < 0.05). Therefore, KISS1 gene vaccine immunocastration has impacts on KISS1 mRNA and GPR54 mRNA of digestive organ, but no changes on growth hormone and IGF1of ram lambs.

Keywords: Digestive Organs, KISS1 Gene Vaccine, KISS1 mRNA, KISS1gene

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