The Relationship between Farmers’ Attitude towards the Improved Cassava Processing Technology and Adoption


This paper discusses the relationship between farmers’ attitude towards improved cassava processing technology and its adoption. About 360 participants [181 (50.3%) males and 178 (49.7%) females], strategically selected from Serengeti, Sengerema and Biharamulo districts in Mara, Mwanza and Kagera regions respectively in Tanzania responded questions on both attitude towards cassava processing technology and adoption of the same. Chi-square test indicated farmers’ difference in two components of adoption (involvement in pre-processing tasks and utilization of the cassava processed products) with two components (instrumental attitude and cognitive attitude) of attitude towards improved cassava processing technology. Further, direct logistic regression analysis indicated that attitude was not the only and sufficient variable uniquely explaining adoption of improved cassava processing technology despite having an influence on the same. Other variables such as attendance to training in improved cassava processing technology and intention to adopt the technology also uniquely explained adoption of improved cassava processing technology.

Keywords: adoption of agriculture technologies, attitude, attitude and adoption, cognitive attitude, instrumental attitude

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