Effect of Rural-Urban Migrants’ Remittances on Household Food Security in Delta Central Agricultural Zone, Delta State, Nigeria


This study was purposed to assess the contribution of rural-urban migrants’ remittances on household food security in Central Agricultural Zone of Delta State, Nigeria. Three (3) local government areas were randomly selected for this study from where three (3) rural communities were also randomly selected and 165 household heads were purposively selected from the communities. Primary data were collected from these household heads. Most household heads in the migrants’ households were males with average age of 55.5 years, were married and had one form of formal education or the other. They had average farming experience of 21.30 years and average household size of 8.0 persons. Most migrated household members were in the age bracket of 20-30 years. The migrants remitted more money back home than was remitted to them. The food security index was 0.64. Remittances from migrated household member had significant and positive relationship with household security. It was recommended that rural-urban migrants’ should continue to remit money to their households for continuous provision of food for the household members back home.  

Keywords: Agricultural Activities., Household Food Security, Internal migration, Migrants’ Remittances, Rural-Urban Migrants

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