Perception of Health Hazards Associated With Agro-Chemicals Use among Arable Crop Farmers’ In Mubi Agricultural Zone, Adamawa State, Nigeria


Unsafe use and handling of agro-chemicals among Nigerian farmers continue to constitute health hazards and environmental degradation. The study investigated respondents’ socio-economic characteristics; agro-chemicals use; awareness of safety practices; information sources and perception of health hazards in agro-chemicals use. Multi-stage random sampling technique was used to select 251 respondents. Data was analyzed using frequency, percentages and correlation. Respondents’ mean age was 40 years; 68.1% were male; 70.1% were married; and 69.9% had 1-5 persons per household. Most respondents (48.6%) attained only primary school, 69.8% had farming experience of ≥10 year, 96.3% used agrochemicals, 74.5% were unaware of safety precautions and 43.4% perceived agrochemical use as hazardous. Farm associates/friends and radio were the most used information sources.  Perception of health hazards in agrochemicals use was positively correlated to educational attainment(r=-0.82), farming experience(r=0.35), age(r=0.20) and household size(r=0.16). Agricultural extension outfits/agents should educate farmers on safe use of agrochemicals.

Keywords: Arable Crop Farmers and Agro-chemicals, Health Hazards, Perception

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