Factors Affecting the Access of Women to Poultry Extension Services In North Western Tigray, Ethiopia


The main objective of this study was to identify factors that affecting the access of women to poultry extension services in North-Western zone, Tigray.  The necessary data were generated from primary data of selected sites.  The data were subjected to logit econometric regression analysis. The result of the logistic regression model estimate revealed that out of the 10 factors, 5 variables were found to have a significant influence on the probability of women to access of poultry extension service. These are household size, farm land size, access to information about poultry extension, number of visits by extension agent, access to poultry production training. The coefficients of access to information about poultry extension service and numbers of visits by extension agent were statistically significant at 1 percent probability level of significance where as household size and access to poultry production training were statistically significant at 5 percent probability level of significance.

Keywords: Extension Service, Intervention, Poultry, Women Household

Article Review Status: Published

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