The Role of Rural Land Registration and Certification Program in Ensuring Tenure Security in Menz Gera Midir District, Amhara State, Ethiopia


Land registration and certification has been perceived as a precondition for secure property rights and agricultural development. The objective of this study was to examine the role of rural land registration and certification program in ensuring tenure security in Menz Gera Midir District, in Amhara State. Data for this study were collected through questionnaire, interview of farmers and experts of the field and focus group discussions. About four hundred households were taken as sample population for the questionnaire. A total of one hundred thirty two households were participated in the focus group discussions. The data collected through questionnaire were analyzed quantitatively; whereas data collected through focus group discussions and interviews were compiled, summarized and interpreted qualitatively by cross checking with responses of questionnaires. The findings of this study show that in Menz Gera Midir District rural land registration and certification program ensured tenure security.

Keywords: Land Investments, Rural Land Registration and Certification, tenure security

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