Chemical Composition and Differentiation of Essential Oils of Morocco’s Different Varieties of Thyme


This study aims at analysing the chemical composition of the essential oils (E.O.) of four varieties of thyme (Thymus broussonetii, Thymus satureioides, Thymus zygis and Thymus vulgaris) and their comparison; through the principal components analysis (PCA) method; with new species of thyme (T. riatarum, lepobotrys T and T. munbyanus), previously studied by M. El Idrissi & all., 2012. As a matter of fact, this comparison is the identification or differentiation between species. Chromatographic analysis of thyme (E.O).has emerged different chemotypes. Thus, thymol, is both the chemotype T. zygis -Meknes 44.17% and T. vulgaris –Errachidia 35.87%. The chemotype T. brossenetii- Khémisset is carvone 46.70%, while that of Thymus satureoides from Agadir is the borneol 36.56%. (PCA) and hierarchical clustering (AHC) method shows a similarity of chémotye for T. vulgaris, T. leptobotrys and T. zygis, although the majority of compounds differ quantitatively. Same for the T. munbyanus, T. satureioides& T. riatarum which are chemotype “borneol”

Keywords: Essential oils; differentiation; chemotype; ACP; GC / MS; thyme

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