Newspaper advocacy and the reform of weak anti-graft laws in Nigeria


The study interrogates how the media mounted pressure on state actors to review weak anti-graft legislation in Nigeria. Content analysis was adopted for the study, while 1,520 hard copies of the Daily Sun, The Nation and Daily Trust as well as Vanguard and The Punch newspapers published from 2015-2019 were examined. The study was anchored on Framing Theory. Data collected were presented in tables and frequencies and were analyzed with the ANOVA statistical tool. Findings indicate that there was no significant difference in the degree of pressure mounted on state actors by the newspapers to review weak anti-corruption laws. The study recommends that media organizations must re-calibrate their editorial policies aimed at pressurizing state actors into addressing loopholes inherent in the legal framework in the fight against sleaze in the country.  

Keywords: Advocacy, Framing, Media, Pressure, anti-corruption war, sleaze

Article Review Status: Published

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