The Land Use Act 1978 Vis-À-Vis Secured Credit Transactions in Nigeria: Monster Or Messiah?


The Land Use Act 1978 remains the densest exposition of the legal framework as far as matters connected with and pertaining to land in Nigeria is concerned. Since its emergence on the Nigeria legal firmament Forty-One (41) years ago, the Land Use Act 1978 has been the principal and/or chief legislation regulating land tenure, ownership and its incidents in Nigeria. This article periscopes ‘The Land Use Act 1978 vis-à-vis Secured Credit Transactions in Nigeria: Monster or Messiah?’ This article reveals and alludes to the truism which is, namely, that the Land Use Act 1978 which was enacted to address the uncoordinated, informal and apparently anachronistic tenurial arrangements in Nigeria on the one hand has become the albatross of jurisprudence of secured credit transactions in Nigeria on the other hand. This article recommends a repeal of the provisions of the Constitution of the Federal Republic of Nigeria 1999 (as amended) which stipulates the entrenchment of the Land Use Act 1978, which in turn will prompt the latter to be in tandem with the changes in dynamics of modern day needs and/or demands.

Keywords: Nigeria monster, land use act 1978, messiah, secured credit transactions


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